Some Opening Thoughts

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Some Opening Thoughts

Postby SDP on Mon Aug 18, 2008 9:58 pm

The Spiritual Dialogues Project is dedicated to the search for spiritual truth. This is a place for dialogue, a spiritual forum where you can explore your questions and find new insight. Here, we consider the big questions that so often don’t get asked in our modern materialistic world. What is our purpose here? What is our relationship to the whole of God? So many more questions in our lives arise from these.

All too often we hear spiritual and religious leaders simply declare what is true from their positions of authority. These monologues leave little room for discussion or exchange. Our exchanges with Spirit and with each other are often the most valuable. Through dialogue we discover Truth for ourselves.

Spiritual Dialogue begins with the most profound listening. We must listen with all of ourselves, not just with our minds and emotions. Soul, the transcendent essence within each of us, is the one who hears the Truth.

Through our personal experiences and realizations, Life is answering our questions and teaching us in an individual way. Spiritual Dialogue, therefore, is not only sharing insights and discoveries with our fellow travelers, but it is also a hidden communication with the living, breathing reality behind all things.

As you might guess we love feedback.
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Re: Some Opening Thoughts

Postby narian on Fri Dec 03, 2010 1:25 pm

Well I found this website through a link on Facebook. And upon arriving here a thought popped straight into my mind. The thought was 5 letters: W-O-R-D-S. Words. I kind of percolated this thought for a few days and it is heading in the following direction (I will try to make this as short and straight to point as possible).

I am thinking that when man first discovered words i.e. writing, reading, speaking it facilitated to open up the consciousness of man. But several thousand years later, today I wonder perhaps words somewhat limit our consciousness. We are bombarded constantly in today's world with words. We live in a multimedia environment, constantly bombarded with words and thoughts. We rely heavily on the use of words and thought patterns in the workplace. We also go through a relatively heavy schooling environment were thoughts and words are "drummed into" us.

This is perhaps one reason we find it difficult to sit, rest and listen within and without. Our Mind seems almost to be constantly overloaded with information processing in and information processing out through the medium of words.

So I suggest some balance to "short circuit" this habit of processing information in and out though words . How to do this? Images, poetry and melody. Give me a lovely melody and before I even start to think about it I am riding on its wings. A few lovely lines of poetry and my Heart opens. A beautiful natural image and the stillness, peacefulness and calmness of life and living, here and now catches itself upon me.

I suggest the Spirtual Dialogues Project also needs to "dialogue" through these avenues so that we don't have to "think" about spiritual matters and are instead simply caught up in Beauty.


Have a good day.
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