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The Whole Truth

Postby Doug Marman on Mon Aug 18, 2008 10:29 pm

The real subject of this book is about truth and how we find it. It begins with a public, Internet dialogue about one of the most unique individuals of the twentieth century: The spiritual rebel Paul Twitchell. Digging for the truth behind accusations of cover-up and fraud unravels a pattern of imagined plots arising from rumors that were promoted for more than twenty years.

The story blows open a window onto the spiritual conflicts of our age: It shows the battles that develop over new beliefs because of their power to change lives; the tactics used to sway public opinion against religious groups; and the challenge of finding truth in our modern age of media authorities.

The book then investigates the authenticity of spiritual teachings that are based on personal experience and individuality rather than fixed ways of thinking, and the problem seekers must face with public opinion in their search for truth.

In an age when the Western world has come to expect disillusionment from every public figure, this book tells a different story. It demonstrates how open and respectful dialogue restores confidence and acts as an antidote to the streams of half truths in public criticism. It shows how belief based in personal study and direct experience can be relied upon, while exposés, if we are not careful, can lead us farther from the truth they claim to expose.

The Whole Truth includes archived photos and information on Paul Twitchell that have never been published before.
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Postby Another Birth on Sat Aug 30, 2008 8:45 am

Hi Doug ,

I'm the one who wanted to know the hidden side of previous MAHANTA , Paulji . ECK showed me Doug Marman's book and this Forum to find my questions. i'm very happy with that. i searched and studied many articles about paulji and Eckankar early days .but none of them satisfied me until i found this book and your nice website .

In spirit
Another Birth.
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Re: The Whole Truth

Postby Peter on Thu Sep 04, 2008 9:05 pm

One more voice added to what ought to be a chorus, thanking Doug for this gift. What I appreciate most, each time I read the book or re-read passages, is the spiritual clarity of the writing. It's like Soul Travel caught on paper--whoosh, a gentle rise on Spirit's wings and--ah, now we can see with eyes unclouded by fear, and perceptions not distorted by poison pills of negative criticism.
Like others have said, this book has helped bring Paul back to life for me, and deepened my gratitude for his accomplishments and the incredible legacy he left to seekers of Truth. I have also found Doug's treatment of the tricky issue of differentiating between projection and perception to be immensely valuable (perhaps something to discuss in a future post?). And the final chapter counts among the finest spiritual literature I've read.
Many thanks Doug, from the bottom of my heart.
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Re: The Whole Truth

Postby Scotiaspirit on Sat Sep 13, 2008 9:14 am

The Conscious realization that led me on a search to where I found the teachings of Paul Twitchell and ECKANKAR.

A little about myself and how I arrived here.

I grew up in a very conservative family in rural Eastern Canada, where my mother was an organist at three United Methodist Churches in the same pastoral charge. Going to church on most Sunday's was a repeated experience for me. It was also a boring experience, not so much in the lessons being taught, but by the way they were being presented. There were clergy persons who seemed to lack enthusiasm at doing their job; as if they resented being there in the first place. Of course, this was not ALL of them, but over a period of about 15 years, I can think of three or four separate clergy person's who could cause people to go to sleep within the hour. There were a few good clergy people that were excited about their jobs and went beyond their call of duty to serve their members of the said churches they ministered to. However, their stays were usually of short duration, sometimes only one year or less. They tended to go to areas that had larger populations after they got some experience behind the pulpit. After all, in these small rural fishing communities that dot Eastern Canada, having a congregation of 30 to 40 people was considered a full church. One could only think, that many years earlier, perhaps that chruch building had larger congregations, as 40 people would not even fill it (church building) to 1/3 capacity.

Still, the repeated exposure to this type of preaching and integration to the Christain faith did not arouse me in any way spiritually. By the time I finished high school in about 1980, I pretty much felt that I was an athiest, and did not really believe in too much that could not be explained by science and logic, so I thought. My biology teacher did a great job in convincing me that evolution seemed more probably than the story of Adam and Eve as taught in the church that I belonged to as a child. It was always a conflicted inside of me to how would a Loving God, be the same God we should fear? I recall asking our minister that question, and the answer I was given, "you don't ask questions, you have to accept the written word." I have always felt, we learn by asking questions. I still think that way today.

My gradual belief changes over the 1970's and early 1980's, had brought me to a point I pretty much felt that I was an athiest. I could not believe in a mythic being, especially one that was suppossed to love us, but that I was suppossed to fear!

In a matter of a few moments, this all changed on Christmas Day, 1990. This was my second time afflicted with a major medical crisis caused by Pulmonary Embolisms (blood clots in the lungs) and it was also on this day, that I had my first Out of Body realization, to what some would coin a Near Death Experience. I first coined my experience as a "Realization of Conciousness - outside of the boundary of the biological physical body." It was my first conscious realization with knowing my SOUL being conscious outside of the body. I was 28 at this time. For many months, I told nobody else of what I experienced, with exception to my wife and some close family members. In fact, it took me several years before I even mentioned it to a doctor, and I did so in a third party reference, by telling the doctor I knew of somebody who had an Out of Body experience during a medical crisis, and this doctor first said to me, it was likely caused by oxygen deprivation to the person who was experiencing it. Needless to say, I did not bring up that topic to that doctor again.

But, what those few moments of realization did to me was it opened up my curiousity to start searching for answers. I started by reading books, (many of them) from authors such as Raymond Moody Jr. M.D., Maurice Rowlings M.D., Elizabeth Kubler Ross, M.D., and many other authors who wrote about the NDE, I used to take part in some web based internet chat forums in the mid 1990's, (1995? or thereabouts) was the year when during a chat with someone in a web chat forum and during a discussion where I mentioned some of my spiritual views, they asked me if I was an ECKist? That was the very first time I heard the word, ECKist, and had no idea what it meant, or what or who it was about. I forgot all about the word ECKist, until years later, when I was at the local book store, I purchased an interesting book called, "The Art of Spiritual Dreaming" by Harold Klemp and I recall purchasing this book about December 1999. As I read this book, there it was: references to ECK and ECKANKAR all through it. Then I had one of those light bulb moments as I like to call it; and soon I remembered that chat I had with someone back in 1995 (+/-) when they asked me if I was an ECKist? And perhaps unknowingly to me, I already was. I will tell you why. Since my NDE in 1990, I started to have very vivid dreams in the years that followed. These dreams seemed "so real" and I could concsiously participate in them (lucidity) and to where I experienced seeing folks I would call Dream Masters who would appear. I started to keep a diary about them. When I was well along in reading the book,"The Art of Spritual Dreaming", Harold mentioned about keeping a dream diary. I was already about five or six years; perhaps a bit longer into that process already. When I reflect back to the chat room discussion back in 1995(+/-), I believe I mentioned to someone about keeping a dream diary at that time. As I reflect back to the memory of that time; perhaps that could have been the reason why they thought I was an ECKist. Well, I am now an ECKist, both on the inner and outer, as I joined ECKANKAR in 2000. It being something very new to me, and it is not well known in the area that I live, (there are about two dozen practicing ECKIsts) in the entire province that I live in, in population of about 1 million people, so there are no ECK centres and activities are held very sporadically due to the distance we all live apart from each other. Soon after joining ECKANKAR, I started to read many of the books and some of the older books that I really grew fond of was "In SOUL, I am Free" by Brad Steiger about the life of Paul Twitchell.

When trying to find web resources on Paul Twitchell, I was disheartened to see all the negative web sites on this wonderful person. Still, this neagativity did not sway me away, in fact, it only proved to me that people must be fascinated by him, to see all the comments that are posted around the web, and of course, those who must have feared what he had to say, seeing some of the revolting things about him.

Then, a few months ago, I happenned to come across Doug's site with the book, "The Whole Truth - The Spiritual Legacy of Paul Twitchell" and thank you Doug for taking the time to research and write this book. Paul's great work has changed the world. I showed it to a few ECKists in our local area, and one of our members ordered a "six" pack of your book, so it would be less expensive in paying the shipping charges per book with the six pack order.

Your book has been so well received by our local group, I have heard so many wonderful comments. In fact, just yesterday, I travelled with this other ECKist; a three hour drive to go visit one of our more senior citizen ECKist's in the northern part of our Province, and the last copy out of the six ordered, was hand delivered to the ECKist we visited.

Had I not experienced my NDE back in 1990, I am not sure if would have yet crossed paths with the teachings of ECKANKAR, and all the wonderful writers, wonderful Spiritual Masters and wonderful people that I have been able to meet. I don't know where this journey will take me into the furture, but it has brought me many blessings and many wonderful experiences to this point in the present.

Until next time,
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Re: The Whole Truth

Postby Doug Marman on Sat Sep 13, 2008 11:19 pm

Thanks to all for your kind comments and feedback. I appreciate what everyone wrote.

And thank you especially to Scotiaspirit for the wonderful story of your discovery.

Your comment about the doctor's response - him suggesting that your out of body experience was probably due to oxygen deprivation - raises an interesting question:

What do we say, or should we say anything, to those who try to make it sound as if these experiences are merely tricks of the mind?

For example, not long ago there was a well known scientist who described to his friend a near-death experience he recently had. His friend, another well known scientist, told him that it was likely all a delusion of the brain and then went on at length to explain what he thought had really happened.

The first scientist's response was simply: I don't think so.

I loved that answer. There was no need to say any more.

The interesting this about this is that it was the second scientist who told this story and realized from his friend's answer, that he really didn't know what happened.


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Re: The Whole Truth

Postby Kinpa on Sun Sep 14, 2008 12:12 am

The first ECK book i ever read was The Far Country.Having read The Path Of The Masters soon after i couldn't help but notice the differences between the two.The book spoke to me,but Johnson's book was much harder to be interested in,as Doug points out in his book, The Whole Truth.Personally i find it irrelevant whether or not Paul Twitchell plagiarised anything or not, but the ability of the words, and the manner in which they're spoken or written is important, based upon the truth they are able to present to another.Irregardless of what anyone's opinion is, i know for myself, that the Ancient One DOES indeed exist, and each of these books, including Doug's has helped me to recognize that Divine One's presence in my life, and i greatly appreciate that.Kudos Doug, a fine piece of work~!
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Re: The Whole Truth

Postby Jonathan Reams on Sun Sep 14, 2008 2:38 am

Hi all,

I am enjoying reading these, and from that thought I should contribute as well ;)

I can relate to Scotiaspirit's experience of being a rural Eckist in Canada. While our distances in the area of British Columbia where I lived were not always quite so far, we were spread out over long distances with mountain ranges in between, making winter travel a real adventure at times.

The story you (Doug) told about the two scientists reminded me of some time I spent on a listserve for the Journal of Consciousness Studies. These and other types of experiences were often a topic of conversation. Being new at the game, and learning the ropes of academic conversation, I found myself drawn in to long and deep exchanges that at on one thread lasted almost six months. I encountered many who were like the second scientist and felt duty bound to explain any kind of "transpersonal" phenomenon in terms of material processes in the brain. It often felt like figuring out how many angels could dance on the head of a pin.

My learning from this engagement was twofold. On one level I learned how to play the game their way - not in terms of reducing phenomenon to material explanations - but in being able to use the rules of logic to continually probe the assumptions underlying their perspective. I got quite good at this, but found that it took enormous amounts of time and energy.

The second level I learned on was more in line with the story Doug told. I learned that it is not always necessary to to engage in a direct assault on the other person' perspective, but that simply presenting one's own view in a gentle manner and leaving it open for the other to explore or not as they please can be much less effort and much more productive.

This leads me to reflect on one of the core ideas in Doug's book, that we are not trained today in the art of dialogue. The "Whole Truth" about Paul Twitchell arose from Doug doing the hard work of not taking presentations of Paul's life from David Lane at face value, and questioning not only the statements of Lane, but also his assumptions and then looking for the evidence himself. There was a lack of capacity for David to "hear" the evidence Doug put forward, thus making "dialogue" a very long a protracted affair.

The question for me then becomes how can we present our perspectives in a way that opens space for dialogue? And when do we just leave the matter alone? Doug points out that the first scientist's simple response opened up a space for the first scientist to reflect on rather than defend his (what I would characterize as) pre-given reflex response from a set of assumptions about reality he had consciously or unconsciously taken on from the larger "scientific" community at large. That simple act of reflection without a need to defend allowed for another perspective to emerge, that he didn't really know.

As this forum unfolds, I am curious to see how we can benefit from applying the lessons Doug points out in his book to how we learn from and through each other's perspectives.

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Re: The Whole Truth

Postby Peter on Sun Sep 14, 2008 8:57 pm

I like your question, Jonathan: how can we present our perspectives in a way that opens space for dialogue?

I suspect we need to allow room for dialogue in our own consciousness first. Perhaps this has less to do with what we actually say, than how we say it. Using Doug's nice example of the two scientists, if the "I don't think so" had been delivered with a contemptuous sneer, the second scientist might well have reacted, and off they would have gone down the merry road of "monologues of intolerance."

However, in this case it seems that the first scientist was able to state his opinion without a strong emotional reaction to his friend's position. Perhaps he spoke with a quiet confidence that came from knowing his own experience, and it was this quality, permeating his words, that spoke to Soul in his friend and nudged him out of a mental rut.

Maybe part of creating dialogue is to to choose our state of consciousness before we choose our words.

- Peter
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Re: The Whole Truth

Postby Jonathan Reams on Sun Sep 14, 2008 11:42 pm


Your response reminds me of a saying that is attributed to Bill O'Brian (former CEO of Hanover Insurance) that:
"The success of the intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervener." our state of consciousness is indeed central to our communication. In another thread I touched on this area as well.

Now that may sound easy enough, but in my experience it is full of challenges. There can be many unconscious reflexes that insert themselves into my state, my communication etc. making it less than I intend.
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Re: The Whole Truth

Postby m_t_seh on Tue Sep 23, 2008 2:37 am

Hello Doug,

Six months ago, someone handed me your book.
I don't know if you are aware, but our connection to the temple is very limited due to conditions that everyone
knows.Have not read David Lane's book, I was like: "what is going on?", but It was a blessing for me.
I was not looking for any answer in this book, since I had not read David Lane's book.But you taught me
many things through this book, mostly about dialogue. I have had many problems in that area. and surely
I was shocked by knowing what is going on around Paul's Legacy. And grateful to be knowing The Whole Truth,
before reading David's book.

So, thank you a lot for this great, magnificent book.
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