The Oracle Balloons

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The Oracle Balloons

Postby SDP on Mon Mar 21, 2011 3:24 am

Last month, I became a grandfather, when my son and his wife gave birth to twins. A boy and a girl.

There is an interesting story behind this.

About four months ago, a bundle of balloons were bought to our house for the baby shower. As you would expect, most of the balloons lost their lift in a few days. However, two of the balloons kept floating. They were made of Mylar, so they held their helium extremely well. How long they could they last? We kept them around to see.

After a month, I had the crazy thought that they might last long enough to see the birth of the babies. That would mean staying afloat for about three months, which seemed unlikely.

Then, about two weeks later, I was looking at the balloons with Stephanie, my daughter-in-law, when the inner image hit me: I saw the balloons dropping down off the ceiling when the babies were born! Could something like that happen?

So, after that, everyone was watching the balloons. We would check them regularly. They became a symbol for how the babies were doing. Levan, my son, named them the Oracle Balloons.

The balloons didn't budge until February 2. Then, we saw the balloon with the blue streamer come down off the ceiling, briefly, for a few seconds, before bouncing back up. See the photo on the left.

Let me explain about the streamers: By the time of the baby shower, we knew there would be twins, a boy and a girl. Most of the family had guessed this even before the doctors confirmed it. Karen, my wife, had a dream where she saw a boy and a girl being born. Stephanie just knew it, inwardly, and a number of us had seen the boy earlier during a Soul Travel exercise.

So, for the baby shower, one of the Mylar balloons was made with a pink streamer, and the other with blue.
The babies' names were also chosen by early January. The boy's name is Everett, and the girl is Lena.

Stephanie began guessing, in early Jan, on which day they would be born and how much they would weigh. She tried to get her friends and family to guess. Most everyone had guessed birth dates before the end of Jan, since that was near the due date.

In other words, by Feb. 2, the balloons were already more accurate than most of the guesses.

On Feb 2, we found the blue balloon had somehow dropped down over night to a lower level. But the pink balloon was still firmly on the ceiling.

The next day, we woke up and couldn't find Everett's balloon anywhere, until we found that he had wandered into the "living room" and was looking out the window. See the photo on the right. Everett was clearly ready. But Lena's balloon was still sticking to the ceiling. She was happy in the warm oven, and wasn't ready to leave.

Nothing changed until Feb 6, when Everett's water broke, around 10 pm. Before we left for the hospital, I noticed that Lena's balloon was briefly coming down from the ceiling for the first time.

What we didn't realize was that when the babies' water broke, it was only Everett's birth sac. When fraternal twins are born, they are almost always in two separate sacs. We found out after the birth that the babies were in two separate sacs, but their sacs were joined by a common side. It was like a single sac with a divider, keeping the babies separate, yet connected. The nurse told us that this was rare, but was the best option for twins.

Everett was born first. The doctors broke Lena's water a minute or two before she was born. They were born around 11 am on Feb 7, within 11 minutes of each other.

So, when we got back home, after the birth, I wrapped the two streamers from the balloons around each other, since the babies had been separate, but attached. When connected like this, both balloons were all the way down to eye level, in the living room, with their tails dragging on the ground. Photo on left.

That's the story of the oracle balloons. They were never changed in any way. Everything happened naturally, including the births.

It still amazes us that the balloons would remain on the ceiling for 3 months, and would both come down around the time of birth. Everett's came down first, as if he was ready, waiting on Lena, who needed more time. But they were connected, so Everett had to wait.

The birth went full term, which is not usual for twins. The balloons were more accurate than anyone's guess, and gave us a perfect depiction of what was happening. It was like an insider's view. You couldn't ask more from an oracle.

Things like this happen all the time, around us. We often miss the subtle messages. Who would think to watch balloons? We are fortunate when we catch a glimpse of the way life speaks.
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Re: The Oracle Balloons

Postby m_t_seh on Wed Mar 30, 2011 12:32 am


I congradulate you becomming the grandfather of such lovely twins, i was so delighted by this news of you.

I have gone through a very compressed teaching from life in the past 7 months, compressed in that sense that I went through emotional hardships (that in fact i maid for myself); going through such messeges that seemed to be directly talking to me; events related to choises i should have made to gain something higher by giving up something that was not mine and giving freedom to other;

After I lost the beautiful connection i had with the girl i loved, i was at the same time in a very hard condition during my duty in millitary service: hard boatcamp condition, away from home, and so on...;

Deep inside me, although me and my love didn't have such connection, i had deep strong emotions were still for her, i knew that after what we had, she was trying to apply abroad to continue her studies but i didn't want her leave, i couldn't let her go.

After a while, there was a great opputunity for me to pass the rest of my duty in millitery in a more confortable and better place, in fact the new place was in my hometown, near to my house, with great oppurtunities; but obstacles showed up; after sometime i wodered; maybe the obstacles are because i do not let her go; the obstacles kept on with so many hardships as the thought of maybe not letting her go is making the obstacle stay; One day, i decided to let her go, i texted her and i said, i wish you bests in your choise, I hope you succeed in your applications abroad, and so on. it was unbelievable, the next morning on duty, my commader told me that there is a letter asking him if he accepts my transfer to the new place, he asked me: {do you want to go?} I was flying on that moment.

In fact, the previous day that i letted her go, i knew that somethings gonna happen next day, and it did happen. And the chain of consequences taking me to that point are so subtle that makes me really wonder.

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Re: The Oracle Balloons

Postby Ben on Mon Apr 11, 2011 3:09 am

Hi Mohammad, I went through a similar situation to you recently where the only choice left was to let go and once I did I realised it was all a lesson to move deeper into unconditional love, along came a feeling of freedom and peace when I took this on board. Being in the present moment helped me immensely during this time, when practising presence, a time came where I had moved out of the now and was slipping back to the old way of looking at it and along with the pain that came with it. I stopped then and there when I became aware of this and said to myself to take a deep breath, I wanted awareness once again and to also look at it through the eyes and heart of unconditional love, my body took the deep breath at exactly the same time a song on the radio started playing it's first verse which happened to be "take a deep breath".

Hi Doug, Two Soul's leave a high place to come to earth along with two balloons that do the same. One day sitting in a park I was reading the very last page of an inspiring book that was mainly about love, as I'm sitting there just feeling good a fleet of hot air balloons flew over the top of me to land in the park, that was plenty to get my attention and when I saw that one of these balloons had in very big letters the word 'LOVE' written on it, well what more can I say. I suppose I can say it is good to know that there is a king of balloons out there and it's name is 'LOVE'.

Love to all.
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Re: The Oracle Balloons

Postby razon_dorado on Tue Apr 12, 2011 5:16 am

Hi Doug and readers,

:!: great insights and stories you showed - First I was thinking replying on Doug's oracle balloons than came Mohammad with his experience than .... There was at least one oracle-alike thinky in my life which stands out of many others.
When my mother married, she left our city and moved to a place near Bochum [town in Germany], few months later I moved to a flat in the Bochumer Str. / Street of Bochum. There I lived for quite some time until ... realizing the connection between the both places. And yes, I was ready to move on but for some reason could not decide what, where, how - it felt strange ... until my mother left her earthy body and she moved on. So that was it, the chapter has closed. I could move on as well, as if I was waiting for sign ... some months later I moved out of the flat and relocated to another country.

The other point I like to tell is a little experience I had when I was waiting at the 5th floor in a modern office building in Manchester/UK. It was just a bit off the high street, a bit quieter, a bit more scaffolding and revamping on houses and façades cluttered around stable red-brick Victorian buildings. In the 1830/80 this area was the cotton and fabric industry for the world. And than, in a flick of a moment I could feel a tremendous positive get-going get-going feeling from that time. Some business men followed a different pattern ...

How come such a motivational cloud arise from a place which is described by C Dickens in heavy colours?

There is more to it, I can find it out ;)
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Re: The Oracle Balloons

Postby m_t_seh on Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:36 am


Thank you for sharing your story that somehow related to mine, the experience about trying to be at the present moment you stated helped me because after all this time i still feel the pain of that event of loss, I didn't think i am so vulnerable to this lost and that it would be so emotionally devestating for me, it was hard enough to make me a disbeliever about everything, casting a shadow of unvalueness to every love that this ended connection used to replace. now, as if there is nothing, the experience you wrote about trying to be present at the moment helps me in trying to find the maybe true love for clinging to.
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Re: The Oracle Balloons

Postby Ben on Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:36 pm

Hi Mohammad, The reason I believe practising Presence works so well is that Soul's experience is continually in the present moment, by tuning in to the now we are able to percieve life from the perspective of Soul, our higher self, we get to look at the bigger picture and move beyond the narrow old way of looking at things and into a more expansive way. I was like you, I had little idea that the relationship breakup would be so emotionally devastating. This apparently is more common for males than females and here are some words by Harold Klemp that gives a reason why us men usually have a lot more trouble letting go than our lovely female companions do.

"Our society and culture have prepared women to surrender more easily than men. A man is told from the time he is a little boy that he has to be strong; he's told, don't show hurt, don't cry. So surrender can be a very real problem for some men." H Klemp

So for you and me, Mohammad, the way we felt and handled it was in a sense only natural considering the conditioning of males in this world, considering this helped me to accept and forgive myself for the part I played. I found my partner was able to let go sooner and easier than me but now that I have managed to accept what actually is, more fully, I feel I have grown in strength and are more in tune with the Universe's way of teaching so as we can unfold into the Spiritual Beings that we are. I am now in a position to handle this a lot easier than the way I had and also to help prevent a lot of unnecessary drama as well. One lifetime is a very short time in the scheme of things and when we look at it in terms of 'forever now' then it becomes even more inconsequential to take it all too seriously, I'm even beginning to find quite a bit of humour in the way our relationship breakup all came to pass and to see that the Universe is guiding her to the next best thing for her own unfoldment just as it is for me and everybody else, to look at it in this way makes it a lot easier. And it is not a guessing game for me that this may be the case, life's experiences have brought me to a place that says "it is the case", and that everyone will get to this point at some stage.

A good book about Presence is Eckharte Tolle's 'Power of Now', he makes a very convincing case of the importance of the present moment. For me it is one of the best books I've come across. Here are a few words of his.

"As humans have become increasingly identified with mind, most relationships are not rooted in Being and so turn into a source of pain and become dominated by problems and conflict." E Tolle.

Presence helps for us to create a way of life where the mind loses it's power over running our lives and is then put in it's proper place. It is the mind and ego that wants to hold on to hurt and pain and stay identified with it, when the mind loses this power over us then the identification to the past also loses it's power. We can then heal. Thankyou so much for your reply Mohammad. I leave off with another paragragh in Eckhartes's words that relates a lot to what has been spoken and experienced between us. We are truly fellow journey men.

"If you no longer want to create pain in yourself and others, if you no longer want to add to the residue of past pain that still lives on in you, then don't create any more time, or at least no more than is necessary to deal with the practical aspects of your life. How to stop creating time? Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life. Whereas before you dealt in time and made brief visits to the Now, have your dwelling place in the Now and pay brief visits to past and future when required to deal with practical aspects of your life situation. Always say "yes" to the present moment. What could be more futile, more insane than to oppose life itself, which is now and always now? Surrender to what is. Say "yes" to life--and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you." E Tolle.

Hi Razon, thankyou for sharing your experience, it made me wonder more about Doug's title for this thread 'The Oracle Balloons' and to look deeper for the Oracle in my own experience. What was on that last page in the book I was reading in the park that day so many years ago when I saw the balloons and the balloon of love.

"Thank you, Creator of the Universe, for the gift of life you have given me. Thankyou for giving me everything that I ever truly needed. Thankyou for the opportunity to experience this beautiful body and this wonderful mind. Thankyou for living inside me with all your love, with your pure and boundless spirit, with your warm and radiant light.
Thankyou for using my words, for using my eyes, for using my heart to share your love wherever I go. I love you just the way you are, and because I am your creation, I love myself just the way I am. Help me to keep the love and peace in my heart and to make that love a new way of life, that I may live in love the rest of my life. Amen." Don Miguel Riuz.

I re-read these words of deep gratitude in the form of a prayer from the book 'The Four Agreements', I realize that I really did see an Oracle Balloon that day.

Thankyou to all with Love.
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Re: The Oracle Balloons

Postby m_t_seh on Sat Apr 23, 2011 11:46 pm


Thank you so much for your post for me, I have read it three times, it's so helpful, specially the part from Harold Klemp that showed me why it's so hard for me to let go as it is part of my nature who doesnt want to let go at all, and {this is the case} from you, it is a good phrase to remember and stop the struggle, and the {surrender to what is} from Tolle. So great.
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