Discover the Power of the Silent Questions - By Doug Marman

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Discover the Power of the Silent Questions - By Doug Marman

Postby SDP on Wed Oct 15, 2008 10:37 am

An email came across my desk recently about a kindergarten class. A teacher had asked her students to paint. She was walking around when she arrived at a girl’s desk to see what she was doing.

“I’m drawing God,” she said.

This stopped the teacher in her tracks. “But no one knows what God looks like,” the teacher pointed out.

Without skipping a beat, the little girl said: “They will in a minute.”

From our youngest age and throughout our lives we find questions coming up within us. What is God? Is there meaning to existence? Where is my life leading? What happens after I die?

These questions are unsettling. They raise doubts about what we know. They start us on a search.

One day, I looked back at the path I had taken and realized that I was going the wrong way. My desire for answers was missing something much more important.

I watched what happened to me after I found answers: First I would stop searching, since I now knew. I had arrived at my goal. Next, I would think of how many would like to know this valuable answer, so I tried to find ways to tell others. Then somewhere along the way my answer would not quite fit, so I would start defending it.

It was as if I planted a flag in the ground and began building a fortress around my answer. I then created an army to fight to defend it. My troops would get bigger the longer I hung on to it, and my answer would get more and more elaborate.

I think we are like the little girl: We want to paint God so that the whole world can see. We think this is where the power is, because we think the answers give us strength.

What I came to realize, however, was that having the answers weakened me. It was when my hunger to know and to ask was at its greatest ¬¬- that is when I grew the most. The real power was in the questions, not the answers.

The questions changed me. They shook me free from what I thought I knew, and as I looked at it, I realized that these silent questions were the real power that moved me into the heart of truth.

We think we are searching for answers, but the moment we find them, we get stuck, until once again our need to know sets us out once more to find out how much more there must be. We then see that our quest has just begun.

Over and over again, I had to throw away everything I thought I knew before I could see something much greater. Finally, after seeing this pattern again and again, I realized: It was spiritual freedom that I was looking for. Achieving that meant emptying myself of my beliefs and making my own spiritual growth more important than having answers.

I have heard people claim that human beings create religion because they need to believe. It has become a popular theory these days. I think, perhaps, they need to believe it… But when I look to the heart of our need for spirituality, I believe that it comes from the fact that our spirit needs to reach out and touch the stars, and to touch all of life. We need to know the full meaning of who we are.

We love, because this moves us beyond our little selves into something larger. It brings us into dialogue with life and with Soul. Once we’ve found that kind of love, we never want it to end. We are not looking for answers, we are trying to live the questions.

Trusting in our ability to recognize that inner flame of life is what turns us away from searching for outer authority. It unexpectedly leads us to something much more valuable: Inner authority. It is a power that doesn’t come from answers. In fact, real inner wisdom brings us to a sense of wonder and openness. It is a different kind of strength that comes when our inner being is in communication with all of life. It is a dialogue that engages the depths of our own self and connects us a wholeness that we could never put into words.
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Re: Discover the Power of the Silent Questions - By Doug Marman

Postby Vidyanet on Wed Oct 15, 2008 5:19 pm


Not sure what I see in that third-last paragraph, however, it's not difficult for me to relate with what you wrote about the silent questions. Or, about questions in general.

In my own experience, I believe one can learn much by "living" the questions.

This looks like a great topic, in my opinion.

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Re: Discover the Power of the Silent Questions - By Doug Marman

Postby mountainangel on Sun Nov 02, 2008 7:23 am

What I have found most perplexing is what I call "the Silent Answer."

Some of my questions have lead to clear understandings of myself and my inner and outer worlds. Some questions have simply dropped away - as a youngster I had wondered how electricity worked, Ilater learned it in school, I have since forgotten and I no longer am concerned about it as long as it continues to work. To some questions I have received "silent answers." Answers that I have no way to articulate to others if they were to ask me the same questions. It would appear that my answer to those questions is based on faith. Yet it is not and it is impossible to explain.

I received a clear, undeniable, "silent answer" once. Something was troubling me greatly. I decided only a particular individual could answer this question. I was sitting in bed doing my contemplation and demanded that this individual meet with me tonight and clearly explain to me what is going on! I laid down to go to sleep and decided to get up to go to the restroom before lying down. I got up, went to the restroom. My alarm clock went off. I went to check it as I thought I must have set it wrong. Then I noticed the sun was rising, it was no longer night. I had no memory of sleeping at all. I didn't think I had even laid my head on the pillow yet. And now, I had to get dressed and waste no more time getting ready to go to work. I wasn't tired, though, so I figured I must have slept. There just didn't seem to have been any time passage between when I went to bed and the morning. I sat on the bed and thought about it for a few minutes and remembered that I had wanted an answer to a question and had demanded to speak to this particular individual. At that point all I could do was laugh. The answer was there. Sort of. I couldn't articulate it, I couldn't say anything intelligible about it, I just knew the answer. It was a completly silent answer. I had no memory of receiving it, I had no memory of speaking to the individual in question, I had no memory of any dreams or of even sleeping. I just knew that this particular question that I had was no longer a problem. There simply was no question.

I have found that one advantage to a silent answer, is that no one can talk me out of it. I can't explain the answer so no one can "debunk" my explaination. Well, no one except myself that is. I can at times start arguing with myself that it can't be a real answer unless I can articulate it at least to myself.
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the Power of the Silent Questions

Postby Another Birth on Mon Jan 05, 2009 2:58 am

Since i was a child , I have been wanting to find the answers myself. I had weird Questions in mind didn't tell anyone even my family. I thought differently and lived on my own Spiritual Desire and no one Could Ordered me to choose the religious path Similar to what they liked. I had many Silent Questions about Past and Future in my life. I couldn't match them properly, Something had missed through finding answers.

i had a Serious illness in age 6 and Suddenly became a disaster for others in family , Because i couldn't tell them what was happened in my dreams and always frightend of symbols in dreams. they thought i want to raise an excuse to sleep beside them.Actually they didn't know what i wanted as a child , it was Love. However, I gained healthy in age 12 , But inner conflicts always followed me. I could see peoples and Society on the other viewpoint and i couldn't tell others but Sometimes told them step by step or gave Advice to friends . I also had a desire to serve others because i had a Compact energy.But my Silent Questions about my missions in life was separate. i always been with my friends in any situations but didn't stay long and for years i haven't see them.

I had became interested in History and Indiviual Psychology and focosed on peoples relationships and their history background , so no longer i had became a mysterious child in all families who knew every indiviual's History background. I also had a problem about my mien and anyone's idea about me had became a laughing stock.
It remained an problem up to 18s.i Became an Idealized person who wanted anything in best shape and form that no one can achieve them but all annoyed me and always caused me be alone..... Fortunatelly my life was going to change while i approved in an university outside of town. Golden Experiences in Dormitory taught me alot and i threw many old habbits and Idealism away.( this was a part of my mission that i realized later)

My Silent Questions about my missions in life was still in puzzle, But after i changed my mind to find a direct Spiritual Discovering ,inner consciousness by dreams had showed me a bit of life missions according to talents and knowledges i have.

Sometimes i'm going to be bored when i tend to outer Sources like Books, Media ,Beliefs which i believe can help me directly , but they all are half of rope you can arise but the rest half must be in Connecting yourself as a Soul to Spirit . let IT go and let IT show you what to do which are coordinated with Rhythm and harmoony of Spiritual life.

Sometimes i shock when hearing a note or inspiration all of a sudden or by Someone else. it contains my answers that i conflicted before.

At last , I found an important key for inner wisdom: A silent Question must be rise from HEART then you must be Honest with yourself that any answers will come upon your needs and Spiritual Developement. It worked for me.
How much do you trust in your HEART?
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