The Burden of Consciousness - By Doug Marman

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Re: The Burden of Consciousness - By Doug Marman

Postby Marian on Wed May 27, 2009 7:39 am

Hi Vidyanet,

Just worked out your name - :lol:

I like this piece - Psychologically, our shadows are comprised of the parts of ourselves that we learned - usually at an early age - to ignore, deny, and split off as "not me." [....] The ancient Celts conceptualized this diabolical quality of the shadow in their idea that every king had a wyrd, a shadow twin who would someday overthrow him. [....]
I've recently been watching a great programme on TV about the Vikings and their invasion of England. I was thrilled to see how many strains of different groups are now called English. I was able to empathise with their plight and understand their position in recent times. This new understanding has freed me up from the urge to see 'the English' as my shadow self (I am Irish this lifetime). I had the understanding that I was many aspects but somehow or other it didn't quite sink in until I actually saw what happened way back when...............for the Anglo Saxons as well.

It looks like you do an awful lot of research. I appreciate your input.

Many thanks
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Re: The Burden of Consciousness - By Doug Marman

Postby Dietrich on Sun Jul 25, 2010 4:50 am

Hi Doug,
when one gets some ideas, images, phrases ... directly after awakening from nights sleep its often our inner voice speaking to us. That happenned to me today. And after getting up the stream of ideas didn´t stop. So I would like to share it. And how it is with sharing one often gets the most by doing so. This writing is also a spiritual exercise for me to adress my dear shadow the subconsciouss. I already tried to speak with my shadow but I guess he can read and will do so ;-) .
After awakening thoughts about this shadow-thread came to mind. In the beginning I didn´t like the image of the shadow at all. Whats that I thought. But the night and sleep have their ways to change things. I had almost accepted the image. Than a german proverb and image came to mind: „Über den eigenen Schatten springen“ - „To jump over owns own shadow“ .
The truth in it struck me. Proverbs often are so deep and true. When one contemplates them they reveal their beauty and wisdom.
When I „jump over my own shadow“ I jump into the land of Light and Sound, the kingdom of Soul. But I can´t do that against my shadow as I began to realize . He wont allow that. And with good reason I guess. So one has to ask owns shadow to help to jump. Because when one reaches this kingdom of Soul all parts of oneself participate. And maybe the most my dear shadow because he is nearest to the kingdom.
All things have their general and personal aspects. The personal aspect of the matter is that I´ve been struggling with my shadow for to many years. And I´m really tired of it.
Here comes another SDP-thread into play. It´s „Shedding Skin“. I just saw that the last post was on Friday October, 23. Hm, is there any meaning for me in it? Anyway, since some months I´ve been going through such a process of shedding skin. It´s at the same time a wonderful experience to watch oneself changing and it hurts. Thats how it is.
A good friend of mine who did some posts here mentioned SDP and especially the Shedding-Skin-thread in a phone call some months ago. And when one gets a hint from the Golden tongued wisdom one better listens.
So I visited the web site and looked for the thread. I already knew SDP and I read your book „The whole truth“. It´s an eye opener in many ways. I began to see and understand Paulji and what he did and does for us better.
And I appreciate the spirit of respect and love that shines through the sites of the book. I borrowed from a friend „The silent questions“. I didnt read it yet but read some parts that catched my eye. Thank you Doug for your work.
Back on track. The process of shedding skin through which I´m going through and and the need to jump over my own shadow are inseparably connected. Writing and sharing are also part of it.
So this writing here helped me very much. I feel much lighter now. I hope dear shadow, you will ponder it too. And maybe it helps someone who goes through similar processes.
Thank you and Love
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Re: The Burden of Consciousness - By Doug Marman

Postby Doug Marman on Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:39 pm


Thank you for sharing your realizations.

Just like you, I've found writing an incredible way of expressing that both opens up the understanding of my own subconscious as well as connects me with life. Language and communication are amazing things.

I think our shadow does indeed listen, and that feeling of the lightness of being is its way of saying thanks, since it is then aligned with Soul.

I enjoyed the thread of your thoughts, and the German proverb that I've never heard before. It fits perfectly!

Thanks again for sharing.

Doug Marman
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Re: The Burden of Consciousness - By Doug Marman

Postby Dietrich on Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:49 am


Thank you for your kindly response.

Some more thougts connected with the proverb came to mind.
„Jumping over one´s own shadow“ is a simple and clear picture and at the same time very subtle and complex. It has depending on the context slightly different meanings in German (but it always is seen positively):

to do something that transcends one´s own ego
to do something that one badly was afraid of
to accept a hurting thruth that was hidden inside
to change behavioral patterns that arn´t useful anymore
leaving one´s own comfort zone
shedding skin
to move into a higher state of consciousness

As with inner experiences this „jumping“ can be a simple activity. Say a pretty closed person begins to say hello to his neighbors. Or it can be a dramatcally process lasting for months or even years. And it can be much more in between.

Artists often have to jump over their own shadow to create great artwork.
Jazz pianist Herbie Hancock put it in an interview into words that way:

Hancock: ...As an artist one always has to pay attention that one doesn´t move to the dark side.
Question: What do you mean exactly with that dark side?
Hancock: The comfort zone. What happens there one finds that no trouble. You know exactly what you are doing. You don´t risk anything. You are well paid. I understand why one moves there. We all are only human beings. But it becomes thrilling/exciting when you leave the comfort zone again.

So its no wonder that „Jumping over one´s own shadow“ is a theme often even the main theme of great artwork.

Goethe´s Faust has to jump over his own shadow as Shakespeare´s Hamlet has to.
The „Journey of the hero“ is often that jumping. Many movie charachters are jumping.

Star Wars IV-VI(1977, 1980, 1983)
Luke Skywalker (Star Wars IV) has to learn to trust the „force“ to be able to hit his target the death star.
Darth Vader (Star Wars VI) has literally to „Jump over his own shadow“ to save Luke´s life in the final fight against the imperator.

Ghost (1990)
Sam has to jump to finally say the hard words „I love you“ to Molly just before moving into the light.

Field of Dreams (1989)
Ray Kinsella and Terence Mann both have to jump.

Groundhog Day (1993)
Phil Connors has to live the same day over and over again. He can only leave that time warp after a big jump from an egoistic and cynical person to a truly loving human being. The means for that transformation are the experiences in the thousends of days (symbol for incarnations) he goes through.

Beautiful Mind (2001)
John Nash is jumping in a very long process.

Wether one looks for plays, movies or novels..., one will often find the hero jumping.
The realeasing dates of the movies above mark interesting enough spiritual significant time periods. Star wars marks the year 1981. Field of Dreams, Ghost and Groundhog Day mark the year 1989 and the following years.
Who doesn´t remember the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the exciting years that followed, assumed he already was old enough at that time.
At that time of spiritual revolution (another SDP-thread) even politicians jumped over their own shadow all over the world.
The leaders of the former Soviet Union and of the U.S.A. had to make a big jump to bury the Cold War.
South African leaders had to bury the apartheid and give the black people their freedom back – a big jump too.
Soviet leaders had to give the countries of the former Eastern Bloc and the people living there their freedom back.
The reason for all of that was a big wave from the Ocean of Love and Mercy or the blowing of the Wind of Change that nobody can resist.
So not only politicians jumped over their own shadow at that time but almost everybody was touched by the wind.
From a Video film I remember the amazed face and puzzled look of the officer in charge (a Lieutenant Colonel) watching the people streaming into freedom at the Berlin Wall checkpoint that opened its doors first after he gave the order to do so himself. He surely had to jump over his own shadow.

Maybe at that unique time mankind as a group consciousness jumped over its own shadow in a way.

„Jumping over one´s own shadow“ is realy complex and connected with other subjects of spiritual value.
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Re: The Burden of Consciousness - By Doug Marman

Postby Ernest on Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:20 pm

One definition of consciousness is awareness and it is most common as dictionaries show. But Harold Klemp, the miraculous Spiritual Master of Eckankar, describes another type of consciousness. One day his conciousness or power to will things to happen with the help of spirit changed dramatically. He wished rain clouds to go away and they did and this and other things associated with God realization un-nerved him and caused him to go temporarily insane. Thank goodness he recovered and adapted. But what a burden.

Actually, everyone who embarks on the spiritual path by trying to improve themselves spiritually, takes on a burden too, as everyone has to change and try to become better souls. They have to learn to give back to God or life or society as best they can. As I see it, this is what christian charity is all about. But other Masters say the same thing.

It starts out easy, but then can get hard very fast. You study for years to become a teacher for instance, and you pass all the tests and then you may not be allowed to teach at all. Or you find yourself someday awakening to a supposedly high state of conciousness or spiritual power and you have no contact with the Lord or your Master which other supposedly lower consciousnees people have. Then what do you do? People here have referred to others with high initiations in Eckankar who are not even seeing the light of God or hearing the sound of God. How can this be? The whole path can be very difficult or burdensome to both the Masters assuming some karma of others and their followers. But the Lord of Lords knows this and the Masters know this and everyone does the best they can as they try to improve themselves and work off their karma at a faster rate as well. This is quite a burden, just working off the karma we all have, but we have help. When you have good awareness or the first kind of consciousness the whole process is supposed to be much easier, so I pray for that. But I don't have the type of awareness many have so have to go on as best I can. But the biggest jumps come not from awareness so to speak, but from some very rare actions as Doug points out. The teachings of Eckankar say one can be jumped from a low state of conciousneess or power to one just below God realization by sacrificing yourself. The lessons learned demonstrated by sacrifice are love or care for others instead of greed and this love is the thing the Lords and Masters are all trying to teach. What kind of sacrifice it takes for such a jump is unknown to me. Maybe it can be done at once or maybe it can be slow or gradual or there are a million variations. But this is the burden. We can teach others by example sometimes without being appointed a formal teacher.

It is difficult to understand all the lessons of the Masters that we need and that is a burden but what is it next to sacrificing your life on the cross as a result of risking to teach others or experiencing similar things that other saints have done? Not that bad really compared to what you get: eventual freedom from being exposed to all of the criminals on earth for example, or in my case freedom from life threatening fire and smoke from wood burning. It is different for everyone. But the burdens we encounter all seem to instill a desire to seperate ourselves from all the evil and it can be done.
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Re: The Burden of Consciousness - By Doug Marman

Postby Dennis on Fri Sep 24, 2010 10:53 pm

Dear Doug et al,

Living in a world of duality, make for trying to balance the good and bad, the light and dark and ect. My experience has been a long as I’m consciously trying to balance this, it a moving target. Once I stop focusing on either one and just be, life begins to resonate with spirit and I can quit the juggling act.

Consciousness is a gift that has a natural outcome. The evolution of consciousness tends to be expansive and moving toward greater coherency. As we become more aware, we align with the desires of Soul, and Soul tends to become “more God-like”. This is simply becoming that which we already are. Once the illusion of time and distance is dropped, the qualities of Soul emerge in our attention.

In the Cosmic Sea of Word, The Eckankar Liexicon, the word “lila” means the play of soul. This is described as rounds of singing, dancing made up of sound, silence, motion and rest with soul does as a result of God-Realization.
This is the play that all souls engage in and the experience of consciousness in its many flavors, is simply a part.

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