Giving Up The Taste of Blood

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Re: Giving Up The Taste of Blood

Postby Marian on Fri Jun 25, 2010 4:20 am

Yes I understand what you are saying Doug. We can all be guilty of that way of being. I see that a lot of the young people gain a lot of 'street cred' by doing the things they do. When there is no example set of other ways of being or of being able to transcend your surroundings the tendency is to be pulled into the herd instinct.

I am also aware that in the UK the class system is so restrictive . In some ways things have not moved on at all. This is obvious in all kinds of ways. What one aspires to is very little - if you buy into feeling hopeless and helpless.

Going off on another track - Religions where people refuse to acknowledge that consciousness changes and that what was realistic in days gone by no longer applies.

The youth who are stuck in the shadows of their ancestors conditioning (class wise) are no different to the youth who are bored with what most religions have to offer nowadays. People seem unable to absorb new ways of being for fear of being toppled off their pedestals. The result being that if the consciousness of the 'Higher' circle is threatened by new input then ranks are closed and growth is stunted.

I am involved in a lot of multi-faith work. A Christian deacon came to work in this area less than 12 months ago. He was different to the usual deacons that arrive here. He was quite open and had been around a lot and seen a lot of life. He had a lot to offer the Christian team already working in the area. Unfortunately he was too different and would not do as he was told, what I mean is, he would not submit to other peoples wills. He is leaving in a few weeks time. What would normally have been a minimum of 5 years service has been become a lot shorter. He was the most interesting member of the clergy with a refreshing openess to listening and discussing other viewpoints.

All very interesting the games of life :lol:

Thanks for the discussion.

Take care
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Re: Giving Up The Taste of Blood

Postby henri012 on Tue Jul 06, 2010 8:03 am

Hi Doug and Contributors to this Forum,

Thank you for sharing your insights and questions to the very important topic of "Vampires." Doug, thank you for the research you did on this topic and the insights you shared.

I found even more realizations that will aid my contributions to life while reading the posts here. That is the nature of life in these worlds. I am spurred onward and deeper by the contributions of all.

Blessings of Love,
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Re: Giving Up The Taste of Blood

Postby Marian on Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:24 am

Hi Doug and everyone else,

I suddenly had a realisation that when Doug is talking about Vampires and youth it could well apply to any organisation, religion or country etc etc - that is at the youth stage of evolution. Thanks for this understanding, which I had been shown several years ago on the inner and have now been able to understand more fully.

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Re: Giving Up The Taste of Blood

Postby Dietrich on Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:43 pm

Hi Doug,
thanks for the topic. I was amazed to read it here. But when I think about it is there no reason to be amazed.
The Twilight stories are indeed a gift for the people of our times. And not only for teenagers.
It was my sister indeed who first advised to me the first novel by Stephenie Meyer „The Host“. In german the title is „Seelen“ which expresses the theme of the novel very good: The journey of Soul (Seele in german) through its incarnations to gain spiritual freedom, wisdom and divine love.
My sister is more than 40 years old and I am myself even some years older. My sister than advised me the twilight stories.
When we talked about the novels she thought about the main theme of Twilight and said: „For me its about a love of the purest kind.“ And surely thats it. No wonder that Stephenie´s first inspiration came from a dream.
As in every great literature there´s ofcourse more to it. Stephenie Meyer cleaned the old genre of Vampire literature pretty drastically. The old novels are full of splashing blood, violence and cruelty. Horror to shock the reader for no good reasons. The violance in the Twilight books and also in the movies is reduced to a minimum. The horror genre changed to a spiritual one. Thats realy a little wonder. But I gues it could only happen because there is a deep desire for spiritual food in our harsh time and especially ofcourse among teenagers. They inside urgently hunger for truth, love and spiritual inspiration.
And there are „the age-old issues of living honestly, being who we are, and caring for all of life, not just ourselves“ as you wrote, Doug. Another good expressed theme is power against love (the italian clan against the Cullen´s).
I´m grateful to see how truth and love are finding their sometimes strange and amazing ways to express themselves through willing channells when there is a spiritual need or when a group consciousness calls for it.
Thank you
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