The Revolution of Spirituality

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The Revolution of Spirituality

Postby SDP on Mon Jul 05, 2010 2:50 pm

When spirituality turns its gaze beyond this physical world, it becomes revolutionary. This is something that can't be avoided, whether it is intended or not, which is why spirituality has brought about more changes to civilization, down through history, than any other force.

This thought struck me as I was walking through Independence Hall in Philadelphia, last week. I took the picture on the right while standing on the stairway of Independence Hall, as I thought about the amazing times of the American Revolution.

The US Declaration of Independence was first signed and read out publicly here, and it was in this building that the US Constitution was created after months of work behind closed doors and shuttered windows. These are changes that shook the world.

Both documents show signs of the extraordinary spiritual spark that transformed the revolt into something more than just a struggle against oppression and unfair taxes. This spiritual upheaval began a hundred years earlier, when The Age of Enlightenment began emerging around the world openly examining the principles of religion and government. Then, in the early 1700's, the Great Awakening of the American colonies sprang to life from such leaders as Jonathan Edwards. Thomas Paine and dozens of others followed later, writing that religion must not be controlled or contained. The human spirit needs to be free to pursue all of life. Religious belief is only meaningful when it comes from within us.

These principles were written into the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Never before had the inalienable right for spiritual self-discovery been incorporated into the founding documents of a government.

Yet, for some reason, this aspect of the revolution is often forgotten. The modern day image of religion now seems to be all about tradition. Religion, these days, seems to be perpetually trying to catch up with our changing world. It doesn't seem to be leading, but following and maybe even holding us back. When we hear about religious revolts, they are usually fundamentalists desperately trying to hang onto past times and ages.

There has always been a polarity between spirituality and religion, because organized religion focuses on the world and its place in the world, while spirituality is an individual experience. Therefore, the two have often been at odds. History books are filled with examples of Christian mystics in perpetual battles with the church. Yet those same mystics would later be canonized as saints. We can find just as many Sufis who were hounded by Muslim fundamentalists and sometimes martyred, yet their teachings have become the heart of Islamic belief today.

We find this in every religion: Spiritual revolution starting a new religion that then tries to stop the world from changing. It is strange. Every major religion sprang from leaders who were revolutionary in their vision and lives. Jesus Christ, for example, challenged Jewish practices as he pushed his people to follow a higher law. Buddha turned away from his world to find the true meaning of life and how to live. Mohammed moved Arabs from tribal feudalism that ruled the mid-east in his day, to a belief in one reality behind all realities.

In Karen Armstrong's book, The Great Transformation, she shows that all of the major religious traditions were founded on dramatic new visions of life. They came from leaders who were focused on something beyond the world. They were moved by a spiritual purpose. They raised the sights of people beyond politics and power struggles.

Yet, today, people see religion as useless. We've lost interest in spiritual revolution because life seems to have no ultimate meaning. Therefore, those who are moved by a reality beyond this world are indeed the outsiders of modern life.

Our secular age came from a thousand years of spiritual revolution, working to create a culture where each person would be treated as an individual and that their own beliefs would be seen as sacred. Charles Taylor shows this clearly in his recent book, A Secular Age. It was continuous spiritual striving and experimentation that led us to freedom of religion. But the modern view now says that all of this was created to shed religion and leave it behind, like a vestige of the past.

It is perhaps the strangest reversal of all times.

We are taught today to not believe. Religious beliefs are tolerated, but only fanatics adopt them. This world is all there is, and our physical life here is who we are and the only thing we have. Anyone who believes in more than this is a fool.

Science and experimentation began as a spiritual search for truth to better understand the incredible creation of life, but now is used to prove that we don't need religion. The industrial revolution was seen as creating a new world where people could have leisure time to pursue spiritual goals. The leisure time arrived, but materialism has grown even faster.

A strange shallowness has spread across the masses. However, real individualism doesn't come from stylish clothing or cool sunglasses. It comes from following the beat of our own inner drum, not what is popular. This is what transforms us. It must be something that grows out of our own understanding and only comes through individual spiritual search. It takes courage to step away from the path of popular belief to decide for ourselves what we know, and to understand what we don't know, but this is where we find a true sense of purpose and meaning.

Those who live this way are true individuals. They are the ones who bring real changes to the world, because they are moved by forces from deep within. Their inspirations vitalize our culture.

Whether they realize it or not, they are revolutionaries.
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Re: The Revolution of Spirituality

Postby Jane on Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:59 am

Very true. I see a lot of spiritual hunger around me, however well defined or not. I think a lot of people go along with the fashion of not believing while having deep reservations that they may not be willing to admit...
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Re: The Revolution of Spirituality

Postby Doug Marman on Sat Jul 10, 2010 2:58 pm


Thanks for the reply.

I've seen the same thing you describe.

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Re: The Revolution of Spirituality

Postby Ben on Sun Aug 01, 2010 4:07 pm

Just reflecting on some of what is written above

I look around and see something like a mass hypnosis has invaded man's psyche. I go for a morning coffee at the local coffee shop and near on everyone is reading a newspaper, I think about this starting off their day with an education of condensed negativity in the form of a newspaper and how it would influence their state of being. I then get in someones car for a lift and in the middle of a conversation the person turns the radio on to a bunch of adds. I go to a shop to buy something to eat but change my mind when I see the big television screen showing a dramatic soapy and every person sitting has their eyes glued to it. I get invited in for a drink by a neighbor on the way home, we sit on his couch while he watches television and he only makes short comments so he can continue watching it. I wonder about all this shallowness and wonder if people just do not enjoy their own company, needing the media around them to fill up some space and at the same time being influenced by it. I am reminded of a time when I felt terrible loneliness and how the loneliness pushed me to explore what I call 'the great aloneness'. The great aloneness in a way insisted on showing me that all these outer things I was thinking that would make me happy were only a distraction from what is real and lasting, the happiness has to come from within, this aloneness nowadays is my most welcome companion instead of something to be shunned as soon as I got close to it. Maybe the Divine plan is helping the masses towards some mass terrible loneliness so we can get closer to the great aloneness, a new spiritual revolution.

I get home near the end of a day and the trees and the birds seem like the only life I,ve come across all day. A bird called a willy wagtail comes into view and she is giving her full attention to every action of hers and her every action is so full of fun, she catches little insects as if it's the most fun in the world and I say to myself "ye I'm being like you willy wagtail". I look around and see willy wagtails all around and all doing the same thing, giving full attention to the life they are living. I wander if all of mankind can live like all the willy wagtails do, the answer comes, 'maybe, maybe not'. I thank the willy wagtails for their fine example on how to live life.
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Re: The Revolution of Spirituality

Postby farshid on Tue Sep 14, 2010 12:17 am

Dear Doug
Thank you very much for The Revolution Spiritually discussion. I learnt new things. I want to talk about Eck wisdom Revolution. I think when immortal consciousness blown down and stream by Satnam or Agam Purusha from Mahanta channel to the worlds, a very big revolution will be appearing. One of phenomena is Kal and Eck will be face to face! One other thing is uplifting souls and because of that Sagona Braham Louk, Brahmanda Louk, Mahakal Louk, Anda Louk will change and all phenomena will come to Pinda Louk (Physical World).
WOW … These are changes … Big Substitutions! And our mind and our Social Consciousness will stand opposite of changing! The best changing is step by step … gradually changing … this revolution started by dear Paulji and going to vast and nice progress with dear Harji and also to be continue…
I love this revolution!
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Re: The Revolution of Spirituality

Postby Dietrich on Thu Oct 28, 2010 2:41 pm

It´s really a gift to live in this time! I guess there is no comparably time in human history. The reason is simple. The Mahanta Consciousness incarnated twice in a period of now 45 years and brought this „Revolution of Spirituality“ even without intending to do so.
This revolution uplifted the group consciousness of mankind in an amazing way and rate as it uplifted every individual.
Sometimes we can´t see the big changes because we are in the midst of it. One way to see see them more clearly is by watching them from a distance to gain detachment.
When one looks back at the 60-ties and 70-ties of the last century to envision the state of consciousness of the times and looks from back than at the time we are living in right now one can see the huge difference in the state of consciousness.
Look at the culture, at the literature, the movies, the popular music... They are a good mirror to see the enourmous changes in the state of consciousness. You can also look at science or at any area of human expression to see this changes.
Let´s take the subject of karma and reincarnation for instance. I lived in the former GDR, the eastern part of germany. I called the 70-ties for me the leadenly time because it felt like plump or lead. Nothing changed. Karma and reincarnation? What´s that? Strange people who believe in such stuff!
It was little different in the western part of the world. There the changes began – no wonder with the year 1965! But all needed time.
I guess there was no single movie in the 60-ies with the theme of reincarnation (though I don´t know exactly). Look at the 90-ies of the last century or at our time now. Countless movies or broadcast programs with the themes karma and reincarnation in every fashion, from earnest to humorous.
Reincarnation and karma have arrived in the group consciousness of mankind. They are a natural part of it now in the western part of the world.
People have accepted the concept by breathing, it´s in the air now. Many people don´t believe in it exactly. But they have accepted it as a possibility. One can hear it in conversations quite frequently: „...may be in the next life...“ or „ my next life I would like to be ...(man, woman, ... whatever)“.
You can look at every spiritual topic or idea and see how it manifested itself more or less in the group consciousness of mankind in our times.
Let´s take an example: The Light and Sound of God. A central issue of spirituality.
This time we take a look at science. When one looks for instance at biology, medicine, physics or cosmology one will recognize a growing importance of concepts of light and sound.
Medicine: Energy medicine. The sound or the light as a source of healing.
Biology: There is light in the cells. This light organizes the complex processes of life. Fritz-Albert Popp calls it the „Biophotones“. One can measure them and see the healthy effect of that Biophotones.
Physics and cosmology – the return of the ancient concept of the heavenly music (Pythagoras):
String theory (in short):
„The universe is a concert!“

Global Scaling: Hartmut Müller (1982) calls it „The Melody of the Creation“:
All structures in the universe from the smallest particles up to the galaxies are the result of harmonious vibrational processes. It´s the natural oscillation of matter. It is build like a melody – The Melody of the Creation.

In april 2000 the results of the „Boomarang-experiment“ were publicized:
„The early universe is full of sound waves, which compress matter and light as we know it of the sound waves of a flute (remember the Flute of God?) or trumpet. For the first time we could recognize the harmonies of that waves. Now we begin to identify the notes and the instruments which play them. We are sure now that there is music. We begin to listen to ´The Music of the Creation`“.
These are only a few examples which should illustrate the changing consciousness even in science.
One could take any spiritual subject and ponder how it expresses itself ever more in any area of human expression.
There is a „Revolution of Spirituality“ going on right now. And we as conscious channels for the Holy Spirit can be a part of it.
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Re: The Revolution of Spirituality

Postby Vidyanet on Wed Feb 09, 2011 7:58 pm

When one looks for instance at biology, medicine, physics or cosmology one will recognize a growing importance of concepts of light and sound. Medicine: Energy medicine. The sound or the light as a source of healing. Biology: There is light in the cells. This light organizes the complex processes of life. Fritz-Albert Popp calls it the "Biophotones". One can measure them and see the healthy effect of that Biophotones.

This thread is a very good topic. IMO.

Today I was reading an article in Discover Magazine (March 2011) called: The Ecosystem Inside / The trillions of microbes that live in the human gut could be the key to fighting disease without antibiotics, by Michael Tennesen.

What I found interesting (among other things) was the quote
Like a lush rain forest, a healthy microbiome in the human gut is a diverse ecosystem.

And, speaking about microbes in general:
There are 20 times as many of these microbes as there are cells in the body, up to 200 trillion in an adult.

After reading the article I wondered whether these "organisms" might be sensitive to human thought and emotions? Whether one could pretty much depart with the fledgling science and medicines designed to influence these beings and just "talk to them" instead?

They reportedly outnumber human cells 20 to one. Think about how much influence these organisms - these life forms - could potentially have over human physiology? Very interesting, I thought.

One thing that disturbed me, however, was the belief that antibiotics fed to animals could make their way into the human body after people consume them.

Another thing I found fascinating about the human biome was how organisims from one person could influence and / or communicate to organisims in another. In one case a woman was cured after contents from her husband's colon (his stool) were "transplanted" (injected) into her own. The woman had a bad Clostridium difficile infection. What appeared to have cured her were the organisms from her husband! In other words, what she - the colon of the woman - was "missing".

Like a rain forest? Hmm... Gives new meaning to the phrase: "Save the rain forest!"

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Re: The Revolution of Spirituality

Postby Dietrich on Wed Feb 23, 2011 5:28 pm

After reading the article I wondered whether these "organisms" might be sensitive to human thought and emotions? Whether one could pretty much depart with the fledgling science and medicines designed to influence these beings and just "talk to them" instead?

They reportedly outnumber human cells 20 to one. Think about how much influence these organisms - these life forms - could potentially have over human physiology? Very interesting, I thought.“

The way we look at life has dramatically changed and is still changing. 50 years ago we thought we as humans were the only conscious beings, the only beings „with“ a soul and only humans could think. We were so proud of us ;-).
Plants and animals were only things. So we could do with them what we wanted. Bacteria were our enemies who had to be killed....
The ongoing „Revolution of Spirituality“ taught us to see the world around us in a different light. „Are bacteria maybe thinking? Are they conscious in a way?“ These are questions even some scientists are wondering.
In the 90ties of the last century the american microbiologist William Costerton studied bacteria with a new kind of microscope – the confocal laser microscope. So he saw pictures never seen before. It looked to him like „a flight over Manhattan in the night.“
Costerton found the so called „biofilm“. Such a biofilm is kind of a slime-town builded by bacteria of different species. Its a highly organized town. The bacteria practice exchange of information, division of labour and even a kind of population census and much more. After it was discovered the biofilm was found anywhere.
Revoltution time(!): We can change and expand our consciousness. Because of their creativity and capability to survive, because they are Soul, we have the possibility to love these bacteria fellows and to learn from them.

It was only in the last year when japanese students taught our little friends to solve riddles:
A colony of E. coli bacteria is placed in each square on a four-by-four Sudoku grid. The colonies express one of four colors, which would correspond to a number; some of the colonies are encouraged to take on one number, providing the grid with starting values.
The bacteria then communicate with other colonies by sending RNA recombinases inside viruses, which, thanks to the students' genetic programming, are only accepted from colonies in the same rows and columns. The colonies are forbidden from taking on the same value as colonies they're receiving these "packages" from, and through a process of elimination, solve the grid.
Because the exchange of information is at the same time the grid can be filled simultaneously by the bacteria, what man can´t do,

according to project director Ryo Taniuchi from the Tokyo university.

Bacteria live in towns, speak with each other and work together. Should anyone ask what they are doing with their leisure time, well, they solve Sudoku puzzles :-) .

just talk to them instead

could be a good idea.

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