The transtion from Darwin Gross to Harold Klemp

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The transtion from Darwin Gross to Harold Klemp

Postby signon77 on Sat Mar 10, 2012 4:02 am

On the night of the 31st October 2011, a week after the ECKANKAR Spiritual New Year, I had the following dream:
A stage scene depicted Harold's early days as the Living ECK Master. With Darwin Gross in the background, a young Harold Klemp delivered a talk with a lion wandering around within attacking distance. Darwin didn't mind. Harold gave the outward impression of everything being alright.

Interpretation: The lion represented spiritual rather than physical harm. Harold's speed of movement indicated how nimble he had to be to deal with his responsibilities.

Last night I spent about half an hour reading about the 1981 transition at this location: I've always found that era of spiritual history fascinating. In that chapter Doug makes a point that will apply to every new Living ECK Master till the end of the Kali Yuga: each chela must go within to determine his validity.
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Re: The transtion from Darwin Gross to Harold Klemp

Postby bradactor62 on Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:50 pm

Thanks for your article. It is interesting. I know the time will come when we will see a transition from Harold to the next Living ECK Master. It could be within the nest five to six years. Actually Rebazar Tarz has told me much about this but for now I will remain with the law of silence until it physically happens. I know Doug knew that Harold was going to be the next Living ECK Master and waited to see. There are always a number of people in training and we are in a transformation time. Rebazar has told me that it is a transformation in every state of consciousness including the SUGMAD(God).

I was at the seminar when the Rod of ECK Power was passed to Harold and it was an interesting experience. In several ways the ECK tried to tell me inwardly that Harold was going to be the next Living ECK Master. I knew Harold when he lived in Houston. Many times we would meet at an ECKist's house that served as the ECK Center until we got an actual physical location. Harold use to come over to this house when he could and sometimes would take off in some of his stories, some of which were in his book "The Winds of Change." One time when he was telling a story I had this inner vision of a Master sitting around telling his students stores. I just sort of let this vision but remembered it when at the 1981 ECKANKAR World Wide Seminar someone told me the new Living ECK Master was either Harold Ware or Harold Klemp. When he told me this, I flashed back to all the ways the ECK was telling me this was going to happen. I told this individual that it was Harold Klemp not Harold Ware. I was like a kid in a candy store, delighted, because I physically knew Harold.

Another interesting story was that on October 22 at the seminar hotel I was down in the lobby around 12 noon and was waiting for a friend of mine to come downstairs. We were going to go to Disneyland. Seminar was in Anaheim.
I saw Harold and his family in the lobby. I was going to walk up to Harold and tell him hello when the ECK stopped me in my tracks. I saw a complete physical change. The passing of the Rod of Power occurs at midnight in the Valley of Tirmer. This is explained in some of the books and articles. Midnight in Tirmer is twelve noon on our side of the world so I was a witness to what happened I suppose and this was a confirmation on the physical.

Having met many members of the Vairagi inwardly, they all shine with humility, love and devotion to the ECK.
A co worker with God and spirit serves in every moment because you are aligned with Spirit and it directs you as long as you listen even in a knowingness fashion.
love and blessings,
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