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Re: Cultivating Our Spiritual Purpose

Postby Dietrich on Thu Oct 28, 2010 11:43 am

I can´t find the lion-story in my german version of "Fihi ma fihi". Neither in Chapter 26 nor in any other chapter of "Von Allem und Einem" I found the story. This translation of "Fihi ma fihi" is made by Annemarie Schimmel. I guess she is well known in the arabic and persian world. The book is from 1988. Are there diffrent versions of the Rumi-Discourses?
Anyway, yesterday I read Rumi´s story about approaching the lion in "The Silent Questions" again.
And today an ECK friend sent me a lovely email. I would like to share it with you. It is closely connected with our subject. A woman had the courage to approach the lion and to give him life. See what happened.
The woman in the video found the lion, injured in the forest, on the verge of death. She took the lion home with her and nursed it back to health. Later, when the lion was better, she made arrangements with a zoo to take the lion. Some time passed before the woman had a chance to visit the zoo. This video was taken when she walked up to the lion's cage to see how he was doing. Watch the lion's reaction when he sees her!!

Here´s a poem dedicated to Rumi I wrote in the beginning of the 90-ties of the last century.
My english translation is a little stumbling.

Maulans Ruf
Nun geh den Weg des Herzens
zur Stille hin.
Bist Du dann still, wird alles
zu lichtem Ton.

Mevlana´s Call
Walk the Path of the Heart now
to the point of Stillness.
Are you still than, all becomes
lucid Sound.

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Re: Cultivating Our Spiritual Purpose

Postby Ben on Tue Nov 09, 2010 7:19 am

Doug wrote- "In other words, God Consciousness is not about seeking; it is only action. Not the outer acts that people think of as deeds, but pure inner action. This means being a co-worker with God. Only a small fraction of pure action is ever visible in this world, because such arrows all fly back to the original source. If we are fortunate, we catch glimpses of those hidden arrows."

One day I was sitting in a park and a mad man walked passed me screaming obsurdities and all kinds of things, he was holding his head at the time obviuosly in great distress. The only thing I felt I could do was to give this man love, so I silently told him something like "I love you and this is a gift for you to accept or not", suddenly his screaming stopped and he went dancing off down the street. A little while later on the same morning I am sitting outside a coffee shop at a table on the sidewalk, I notice the same man walk passed me, he walks passed and then turns around and stops and looks directly at me and gives me a big smile and starts skipping and dancing down the street again. I wonder if this is a glimpes of one of those hidden arrows. For I did feel fortunate to experience it.

Doug- "How could we ever be worthy? We can't. Of course, we're not worthy! But we must be able to surrender all concerns, including our unworthiness, in order to work from a state of consciousness greater than Soul, Itself. Of course it is beyond us, which is why we must leave behind doubts and fears to work from the God state. This means giving up seeking for our own personal spiritual growth and taking up growth for the sake of all Life. The needs of all Life become our needs."

I feel this tug along with the doubts and fears and the need to surrender, it has led to situations I have often secretly dreaded but after doing them there was something just right about it all. Like I was now ready for them.

Thanks Doug, I have the Rumi book ordered and are looking forward to taking you up on your generous offer to join a forum on it. Cheers. Ben
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Re: Cultivating Our Spiritual Purpose

Postby Jane on Thu Jan 06, 2011 12:09 pm

Thank you, Doug, for posting this article.
Your words resonated deeply with me, but it took a while to understand that in most or all of my recent lifetimes I came with the intent to face a mountain's worth of karma. In each of those lifetimes I didn't have the courage to even look, much less face the task I'd set for myself. Like the king's messenger in Rumi's example, I did many other things, but never accomplished my goal.
In this lifetime I had the good fortune to find Eckankar while I was in my teens. Even so, it took most of this lifetime to gather the courage and strength to face my mountain of karma, passions, and fears. I've made a good dent in it, yet sometimes the remainder seems so overwhelming that if I did not have a living Master to show me that I can accomplish this, it would be all too easy to give up once again.
Thank you for putting words and perspective to a difficult struggle.
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