Discourse Two

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Discourse Two

Postby SDP on Mon Oct 25, 2010 11:24 am

Part of the personal study program with Rumi that helps more completely fathom the depths of his wisdom is sharing with others.

What are the most important things we learned from the discourse, or what are the questions it raised? Putting these into words often clarifies our own impressions. Listening to what the discourse meant to others can open up completely new insights and perspectives. This is the value of spiritual dialogue.

Feel free to jump in, add your thoughts, or read what others have shared. It can be a part of your personal study with Rumi, with a little help from his friends.


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Re: Discourse Two

Postby Ernest on Fri Nov 12, 2010 6:25 pm

Thanks for your personal message and guidance from the words of Rumi !
It was interesting to hear that some Masters do not formally teach and give discourses if I remember this correctly. They teach by example and allow others to teach by example instead of becoming formal teachers. There are just so many ways to advance on the path.

It was reccomended I leave Eckankar for example after some minor dispute or problem and this un nerved me after studying to become a low level teacher. So I left. The idea was not crazy. I had been told before to take a rest for some reason but did'nt because I was learning so much. So I left and looked for another path. I found some but they were not as magical or alive with spiritual eckperiences so I did not join. Then I found you Doug, and your sharing of the writings of Rumi. It seems that I have not left the path though I am still not formally in Eckankar. Appatrently, it does not matter if I become a formal teacher. I could go to Eckankar meetings as an outsider even and still be a teacher, which seemed to happen to me in the past. So I am thinking of doing just that. I am no longer afraid about remaining in balance being out of Eckankar. I am no longer afraid of not being able to become God realized because I am not a formal teacher in Eckankar.

This is very good teaching doug! I thank you very much for it. Spirit was working with you and you were wrking with spirit. I seem to have some problems with a couple Eckankar members for awhile. But meeting you has solved the problems and smoothed things out. I may go back to Eckankar and share this eckperience with the people I had problems with. Then I may kind of follow you as a teacher under the Mahanta or whatever.

You remind me of a God realized person in Eckankar I felt an affinity before and missed. I like your style.

I wish you a blessing if I have one to give in whatever way is best for you, in the Eckankar tradition with all the provisos about it being for the GOoD of all and not interfering with my spiritual growth.
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Re: Discourse Two

Postby Ernest on Fri Nov 12, 2010 6:31 pm

This really is a magical path and website. I just finished my post and went to the Tv for a rest and there I saw an ad for a PBS TV show called; "The Winds of Change". It is going to be about windpower in Maine but I know it is a sign as that is a play on the title of a bool by the Master in Eckankar.
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Re: Discourse Two

Postby Ben on Thu Dec 09, 2010 8:47 pm

Discrimination is a quality that is always hidden in a person. Don’t you see that a madman possesses hands and feet but lacks common sense? The ability to recognize truth is a subtle essence within you. Yet, day and night you are occupied with nurturing this physical form that doesn’t know right from wrong. You make the false claim: That inner reality exists because of this. Why do you care so much for this physical and forget that? The physical exists because of that, but that in no way depends on this.

The light that shines through the windows of the eyes and ears–if these windows did not exist, that light would not stop. It would find other windows to shine through. If you bring a lamp before the sun, do you say, "I see the sun by means of this lamp"? God forbid! If you did not bring the lamp, the sun would still shine. What need is there for a lamp. [from chapter 2]
I believe a man called Einstein said, "I think, therefore I am". The attraction of the physical lends to this belief, but is it true? :(

Something inside of us sought of doubts it, this lends to the words of The Moody Blues that say, "I think, therefore I am, I think". :?

But that inner nudge keeps telling us something is missing here, there is more to it than this and with a bit more searching, a bit more depth we end up with the total opposite of what we believed in the beginning. We end up with something like the words of Eckharte Tolle or I should say the knowingness of, "I am, therefore I think". :D

Just something that occured to me while reading the above paragraphs of Rumi but these are mere words though and as this discourse points out it is about going there, going to that place that doesn't need going to, it is already here.

Thanks Doug and Rumi, I really loved reading this, especially your commentary at the end Doug, and as you say, “Loosen your hold on this outer form and connect directly with the source of these words.”
I find this is the secret. Once when I went and stayed in the hills on a pilgrimage and spent some time reading books by Osho, Harold Klemp and a few other people who appealed to me including 'The Silent Questions' of yours. The inner voice came in to say to "sense what is being said here", and it occurred to me that this is what all the authors, masters, of the books I had were attempting to reveal to the reader. Things have never been the same since.

Looking forward to reading the rest of Rumi. Cheers.

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