PS: A Post Script and Parting Shot for Patti Simpson Rivinus

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Patti's Adventure

Postby Another Birth on Fri Sep 16, 2011 5:13 am

Hi there

I really admire the great moving patti did. Organizations, Religious institutes ,Companies ,Armies, Groups ,Bands, Families, friends, Schools ,and a nation are all types of same nature, Third Dynamic, what lies behind it? These are my own words:

Third dynamic is a whole term, Simply implies on how anyone can works in any forms of group and still keeps his or her individuality as deserves. The most Individuality, the more survival of third dynamic.

All types of third Dynamic are similar to caravansaries, any mission for each member resembles a horse, the integrated goal for all is like to deliver the message in best way, and individuality is like a rider. Anytime we are entering the caravansary, the fresh horse gives us, the message is our hands too but this is our riding a horse on the road that makes difference. Adventuring on the road is a unique experience with its event behind the scene. on the road you might rest for a while, you might get involve in an unexpected event, you may die or be wounded, you may be anywhere as you ride. See?

you have decided to finish your mission completely, what will you do? the horse needs attention, care….. the success depends on you . the Goal was defined before, will you want to come back or going on? It depends on your courage and commitment. The individuality takes you anywhere you like…passing the river, trapping in lagoon, missing the directions, coping with aggression.which one is the best choice? It depends on your Experiences or desires.No matter where you are ……do you want to play the game with ultimate courage? If so, you lived in freedom and then bring the most survival to where you belong.

Therefore, Patti’s personal mission revealed for me. She brought the ultimate survival to Eckankar movement as she moved. Did she decide to seat on the bench of caravansary to wait for another fresh horse? No, she went on and went on with her horse thus she found out she have to ride, the road called her, but had no idea for a new adventure.

“Adventure doesn’t mean globe-trotting ,exactly, and it doesn’t mean great deeds. Adventuring is like art. You have to live it to make it real.” _L.Ron.Hubbard

Another Birth
Another Birth
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Re: PS: A Post Script and Parting Shot for Patti Simpson Riv

Postby razon_dorado on Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:59 am

Hi Souls & Readers,

A couple of years a ago, when I moved from Spain to the UK, and I felt intimidated by the culture shock I discovered Patti Simpson's book "Paulji - A Memoir" . It was such a warm little break, an honest near story of someone "familiar" to me. And so I tried to read every page carefully slow to preserve this feeling for as long as possible.
What was so special about this book in compare to many others I read ? Was it the style, the person, the time in it described ? Was it me, who only sponged up the vibs? I learned that we are all special, we have so much to give and well so little time. And we can allow us to be spiritual "outrageous".


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Re: PS: A Post Script and Parting Shot for Patti Simpson Riv

Postby bradactor62 on Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:18 pm

It has been awhile since I have been on this website. I had to set up a new account because of my computer's hard drive going bad. Anyway, to the subject of Patti.

I met Patti only once outwardly at a Denver Regional Seminar. But we had corresponded by letters for a long time since the 70s. She encouraged me to write in some of these letters and also asked me to start the first newsletter here in Houston which I did . I printed it on a hectograph machine and it was about one page. Those were the days. Had not heard outwardly from Patti for years until Facebook and this website. Patti was amazing. I asked the Resa about her. He told me she actually had a lifetime membership which at one time they offered. Again because of my present circumstances with my mother, I do not attend outer services but am still an ECKist and always will be. So was Patti.

I told Doug about this but he knew some of this already. When Patti translated, Paul met her and helped her cross over. She is very busy in the inner worlds. I see her from time to time. She is actually serving as Paulji, Paul Twitchell,'s assistant and does a lot of work with many souls. Anyway, just thought I would pass this information.
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Re: PS: A Post Script and Parting Shot for Patti Simpson Riv

Postby bradactor62 on Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:32 pm

In the reply I sent before I mentioned that I am an ECKist and always will be. I still am an active member as far as membership comes and give to this membership every year because this is the physical plane and how things work. There is a lot of work going on in the inner worlds trust me as well with pioneers such as Patti and other members of ECKANKAR that have moved on including a good friend of mine recently, Tim Kelly. Being a co worker with God is everywhere. I know the local director of the ECK Center told me that she has felt my inner help many times or presence even though I have not physically attended local events because of the situation with my mother. Again Rebazar Tarz, the ECK Master, appeared to me inwardly and told me to "Cool it with the outer for now." My mother has a strong stance against ECKANKAR and since I live with her and help her in many ways it was best. This is my service for the moment anyway. I recently wrote an article for the ECKANKAR Journal in Nigeria about helping a friend of mine cross over to the other side, so we serve as we can when we are inwardly guided to.
Just thought I would add this to my other reply. Right now I see Paulji and Patti both smiling on the inner.
love and blessings always,
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Re: PS: A Post Script and Parting Shot for Patti Simpson Riv

Postby Vito Santosha on Thu Mar 20, 2014 4:04 pm


Greetings BeLoved Doug of the Light & Sound;

you have done a wonder. in the way that you wrote about Patti. if only somebody could write such divine wonder about me (smile ... when i am gone from schoolhouse earth), in the way that you wrote about Patti, a person that is all about Divine Uncoditional Love. all that you have said is clear and concise of the greatest reality. it is greatly fantastic that you can write in such a way, for others can perceptively grasp with great understanding the meaning of what you say. I met Peddar Zaskq (Paul Twitchell) at age 5 when they knocked me out of my body in a hospital. It was actually December 5th on my 5th birthday. I will write about this experience soon. actually, I thought he was another one of my grandfathers. I am Italian by my father, Lakota Sioux by my mother, left home at age 15 never to return, and then raised Chinese by 3 different Grandmaster's. my life has been a wonder and i have absolute gratitude for all that is. of course, I have also spiraled downward into devastation and somewhat self-destruction. as all must do anyway in that Soul must experience ALL things. However, of course, I have also spiraled upward to the spiritual heights of reality and am ever so grateful.

this is just a Hello Doug, I am inlike grateful for your existence. It would be nice to meet you soon, quite possibly in April or October, a great moment in the time line, aye. I am using voice text, as I do often now, as it is so much easier than tap tap tap tap tap. I will edit a wee bit although it is not so important. the grandfather said, the message is of importance, not the messenger, only the message. I would not ask you to do anymore work, for you have done good and plenty, just like the candy or the Everready battery rabbit, but more like Paulji did, and that is to work tirelessly for the eck. the moment has arrived. I did not plan such a thing. I have just completed three cycles of 12 years making this my 36th year, since a very special day October 22nd 1977, and 39 years in eck. This was\is in harmony with Oct' 2013 the beginning of the new 12 year ECK cycle ... and the Mahanta's "A Mission Renewed".

this moment I have mentioned upon the time line, is the beginning and completion of another follow up book. its title is, THE REST OF THE TRUTH ~ an INSPIRATIONAL FOLLOW-UP by Kakusha Karuna Vito Santosha (2014). however, on the front cover it also must say, (this is of course all in draft formation), this is the secondary reality upon the cosmic drift, manifested from the primary reality, the book that should be read firstly; THE WHOLE TRUTH by Doug Marman. (and why it should be read first ... my personal meaning is; I could not possibly write as well as you have Doug, and of course it would serve no purpose to write about the same thing, be it redundantly or just not of necessity. also, something to the tune of, with humor; well of course it is okay to read this book as it is now in your hand, however be aware the real story is in The Whole Truth and a must read, or a better first read, for the story; The Rest of the Truth is just a seven-year continuation ... for the seeker of truth, the seeker of God. I can even peek into the future, for what I would do is ask a 10th HI to write the third installment. THE UNENDING TRUTH. As we all know by now, most all things work in threes.

it is of no concern for the spirit travelers of light and sound that have found God. Nothing could be more simple. They\We have found God. we are done with that part. Now the greater task is how to live our daily lives as an example, or as a manifestation of inspiration, of a god like being in the human form. Ha, that really is a task, is it not so. However, my meaning was simply, that since we have experienced God, not just read about IT nor believe in what others say, or conditioned us to believe, it is more impotant what we can do for the seeker, that does so seek that which we did.

Now, to the other partial purpose, not of any real importance in this blog, as this should remain in devotion to the love of Patti Simpson, although I put it forth with the same inspiration and spiritual enthusiasim as Patti had. Specifically, to dispel the misnomers of TRUTH that have been put forth in the form of misleading, myriad purposeful misunderstandings, of those caught in the "Kal Mind Trap". The last 3 Sugmad Lineage of ECK ... Rebazar Tarzs & Peddar Zaskq & Wah'Z were not trapped. Nor were Patti Simpson or you Doug nor myself. We 3 have kind of a spiritual laugh at those that are trapped. they lash out and lash out so distinctly, at nothing that is real, and yet that is the trap. We of the Light & Sound do not lash out (or best better not) of which is depicted in an image I can not post here. 》There is a prone body laid out straight just fast asleep with their eyes closed. Just above, is a different Souls body, floating in alignment with their eyes open. It is said; "For those that have awakened, they must not judge, those that are still asleep". Therefore, for all of those that are trapped, there is purpose, but the Truth is falling upon deaf ears. They have been tested, they are not ready, and so they shall stay trapped. It is the "Weeding Out of Souls for Sugmads Gardens". For there are many.

here is a task that can be put forth. Read all and every book of Harold Klemp. Read all and every book of Paul Twitchell. I am not sure of the number of books this is. Perhaps 140\150\180 or so. That would take some years, is it not so. Always remembering, always understanding, always having the perception, that a book is just a guide. It is never the whole truth. One reason is that when there is a truth over here, it is overridden by a truth over there. they are both true, or they both are of truth. they are just different truths from different realities according to the myriad simultaneous multi-dimensional consciousness that exists in all souls. whereas, here it is again, another truth of all those truths, all of which is overridden by the experience of soul. One whom has attained the soul plane. and thereof knowing from EXPERIENCE all that is, the absolute. This means, that the mind, or the mind level of understanding, cannot grasp nor perceive that which exist upon the soul plane, as Soul.

there was once a seeker, a wonderful neighbor of mine, that asked hey can I read one of those books you have about that spirit stuff. Oh, I thought, which one could I offer them that is possibly the correct one. I just could not decide. So I invited them over, laid out of one hundred and sixty books that I have, and said hey you choose. is it a wonder, they chose Paulji A Memoir, and they chose the Autobiography of a Modern Prophet, and the Tigers Fang. then silly me said, oh I don't know, like I would not really choose that one. But there it is, as she flipped through the front of the modern prophet book, it stood out right there about Tigers Fang. Then they said; but right here it says how wonderful a book Tigers Fang is, so I want that one. I said nothing and out the door went the three books.

this has given me the idea, as I work with the 9, or actually whom I call "One of 9 ", which I kind of got the reference from Star Trek with that cool 7 of 9 girl. So here are the 9 books. It is just a referreral for the Seeker, the Spirit Traveler, the new ECKist or the Old ECKist. It is a do-dilligence (I know is due dilligence ... I changed the context), for the UNANSWERED and\or most difficult questions of those Seekers asking. Read:

1st) Paulji A Memoir
by Patti Simpson
& 2) In The Company Of ECK Masters
by Phil Morimitsu
& 3) Those Wonderful ECK Masters
by Harold Klemp
& 4) The Spiritual Exercises of ECK
by Harold Klemp
& 5) Inner Guidance Our Divine Birthright
by Anne Archer Butcher
& 6) How to Survive Spiritually in Our Times
by Harold Klemp (leads to all 16 series)
& 7) The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book 1
by Paul Twitchell (leads to Book 2)
Having gotten this far, then one will easily grasp and percieve the meaning within;
& 8) The Whole Truth
by Doug Marman.
& 9) The Rest of the Truth ...
An Inspirational Follow-Up
by Kakusha Karuna Vito Santosha

(Oh, Doug, I am quite sure, with all of your inspirational insights to write The Whole Truth, one pertinent reason was\is to answer a heavy duty weeks worth of dialogue, toward unanswered questions by Seekers and ECKists of these difficult subjects. I wish to add to the feedback, THANKS, for when I am waylaid with this, I give brief reasonable reasons of reality ... send them to your book. Then welcome them back for more of another question\answer session. It is SOooooo much easier AFTER they read The Whole Truth. However, if they are still obstinate and want more. I will say; Read these 9 books. Then call me. Ha, and if that does not do it. Read the "Tigers Fang" and then you have no need to call me. Call 1-800-LOVE GOD ... or not!

(Well, slightly belligerent, but I do include in the proper moment during a proper presentation of spiritual stuff, that there is a great understanding, that within all the works of eck books, there is no negativity whatsoever projected nor taught. Nobody is told what to do. All is of CHOICE. Here is a guide. The experiences of a direct path to God. And here is a way of freedom, to choose your own path. It is only mentioned by the great spiritual beings, that they are, "scornful of man's ignorance". That's it.)

[So sorry, an unneeded apology, as the 9th book is not ready yet. I simply would not be comfortable having, "The Rest of the Truth ~ an Inspirational Follow-Up" to "The Whole Truth", put in print without editing and approval by you Doug and of course Harold. As I said, I have no intention of putting any more work upon you Doug, but some reading through, some editing, some approval, and to be in agreement in like a follow-up, that would be great. Only then, would I submit it all to our beloved Harold. So that's the plan stan ... so mark it on the shed fred] ... and that's all for now. Thanks Doug, for your time effort and attention. May the blessings be. Baraka by shot. Haha, I did not think the voice text would catch it. It's cute though.
Vito Santosha
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Re: PS: A Post Script and Parting Shot for Patti Simpson Riv

Postby 1222 on Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:12 am

thank you for sharing that on patti. when I read her book a-memoir, I fell in love with her,just like the path of eck. my wife and I became members in 1996. I remember saying to a friend who had been a member for many years, that I wish I could have gotten in at the beginning. he said to me, THIS IS THE BEGINING. I met my wife when we were 15. it was 1966. in 67 she told me she woke up in the middle of the night and there was a man standing in her room looking at her.she screamed and he disappeared. in 1996 I brought home the tigers fang. on the back of the book was a picture of the man who was with in 67. thank you all for sharing. micky rooney just passed. I saw a short piece on his life. he had made many movies and had been married 8 times. he was asked when you look back on your life , is there anything you would have changed? he said yes, I would have wore a tie!
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