It’s All Poetry: Lessons From the Spiritual Path

By Doug Marman

I gave the following talk at a library just north of Toronto on September 29, 2019. The talk is called: “It’s All Poetry: Lessons From the Spiritual Path.”

Since we were children, we have all been taught how to understand the world using our mind. However, the spiritual path is different; it can’t be learned this way. This talk describes how the secret of the spiritual path draws us in, little by little, until we see how poetic life really is. This is a discovery that emerges through personal experiences. No one can give this wisdom to us. It comes to those who walk the spiritual path.

The talk lasts for about one hour and ten minutes. It is followed by questions and answers that last another 40 minutes.

2 thoughts on “It’s All Poetry: Lessons From the Spiritual Path

  1. Hi Doug,
    Your video was very enlightening!! It is like opening a new door and then wanting to open it very wide and start exploring your new adventure!!
    Suggestion: I couldn’t understand most of what the attendees were asking/commenting on. Would it be possible when the attendee finishes that maybe you could summarize their statements so we have a better idea of what you are actually responding to?
    Again, the video was filled with so many new and old ways of how experiencing our lives opens spiritual doors for each of us.
    🙂 Maggie from Florida

    • Maggie from Florida,

      That’s a good suggestions. At the time, I hoped the microphones we had recording the audio would make them clearer to hear.

      Next time, I will try to summarize their questions.

      Thanks for your comments and feedback.


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