The Art and Science of Soul Travel: An Interview with Doug Marman by Jeffrey Mishlove

By Doug Marman

Jeffrey Mishlove interviewed me for his YouTube channel “Thinking Allowed.” The interview is about 45 minutes long. It was a fun discussion. Here is what Jeffrey says about the interview on his YouTube page:

Doug Marman, an Eckankar practitioner, is author of The Whole Truth: The Spiritual Legacy of Paul Twitchell. Here he describes his involvement with the Eckankar religion going back nearly 50 years. He emphasizes the importance of experience, as opposed to doctrine, with regard to the nature of soul travel. He discusses contact with teachers and guides on inner planes and describes paradoxical reversals of meaning at different levels of consciousness. He also engages in a fascinating discussion concerning the “Space Intelligences” described in Mishlove’s book, The PK Man.

Feel free to post any questions or comments below, or just read the dialogue.

7 thoughts on “The Art and Science of Soul Travel: An Interview with Doug Marman by Jeffrey Mishlove

  1. Hi Doug,
    Thank you so much for sharing your interview on Soul Travel. You found one way to share with others simple explanations of the differences and sameness of the many spiritual paths that are available to us.
    Thank you for being a light!!!
    Maggie from Florida

  2. Dear Doug,

    Thank´s a lot for sharing that great video; The Art and Science of Soul Travel:
    Very interesting. I didn´t know that You have written so many great books. And the book about Rumi I have to order. I did not know very much about Rumi until I traveled to Iran and was having people there informing me about him. Since then I have been fascinated of him and his great poems. Probably he was an ECK Master. I think that too. I have a feeling that I have had a close relationship with him in another life. In one of his poem he writes something like this; “I was so full of love to Shams that I couldn’t find the way home”. Very beautiful.

    With Love and affection in ECK

    • Thanks, Tommy.

      I learned a lot working on those books of Rumi. Jeffrey Mishlove is planning to interview me on my two Rumi books, and I will share some of my experiences with writing them then.


  3. Thank you for this interesting interview as well as the insights and experiences shared by both of you.
    The uniqueness and individuality of personal experience occurs, paradoxically, within cosmic structure.
    The most expensive document that the US government has purchased is a medieval map of the world. The apparent juxtaposition of experience and structure becomes a transparency when we are shown and experience its spiritual equivalent.

    • Luis,

      I agree. The meaning of everything changes when we can see with spiritual eyes. It is like looking at everything from the inside, rather than from the outside. There is so much going on just below the surface.

      Thanks for writing.


  4. Hi Doug thanks for sharing your interview great to hear your views and insights as usual. I was interested to hear you say that Rumi is an ECK Master. Shamus of course is mentioned as his teacher and ECK Master but I haven’t seen mention of Rumi being an ECK Master in any of the ECK writings. This has always surprised me given his writings.
    Thanks again Doug
    In ECK

    • Mark, nice to hear from you.

      As with everything I say, I am speaking from my own understanding. So it is fine if others have come to different conclusions.

      Since this came up last year, I made an effort to go through all of the books by Paul Twitchell, and to track down Harold Klemp’s comments on Rumi as well. There are a few comments by Paul that make it quite clear that he saw Rumi as an ECK Master. Check in the beginning of Paul’s “Shariyat – Book I” and the Chapter on “The Islamic Religion and Mohammed” in his book and discourses: “Letters to a Chela.” The second reference is where he makes his point the clearest.

      If you would like to discuss it further, let me know.



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