Autumn Tree 333pxSpiritual Dialogues is dedicated to the search for spiritual truth. This is a place for exploring and finding new insights.

We consider big questions here that often go unasked in our modern culture: What is our purpose in this world? Is there meaning to life? How do we find an individual path of spiritual growth?

All too often religious leaders declare what is true from their positions of authority. But is this our truth? Monologues leave no room for discussion. We learn through dialogues with  each other and with life. By listening to other perspectives we can come to a better understanding of what is true for ourselves.

True dialogue, therefore, begins with profound listening. We must hear deeply what others are saying, not just with our minds and emotions. The core of our conscious being is what hears and recognizes Truth.

We find answers to our questions through experiences and realizations. This is how life teaches us. It is an individual way of learning. Spiritual dialogue, therefore, is not only sharing insights and discoveries with fellow travelers, it is also a hidden communication with the living, breathing reality behind all things.

As you might guess we love feedback.