The Hidden Teachings of Rumi
By Doug Marman, Farzad Khalvati, Mitra Shafaei

This book reveals a secret that has been hidden for over 700 years. Behind the poetry that Rumi created out of love for his teacher, Shams of Tabriz, is a deep spiritual teaching. Each poem shares a poignant lesson about a spiritual message that can only be seen with eyes of love. 324 pages. $17.95.

The Hidden Teachings of Rumi    $17.95


The Spiritual Flow of Life
And the Science of Catalysts
By Doug Marman

There’s a mystery at the heart of biology: What makes organisms alive? This book takes us on a spiritual quest to clearly understand life. Catalysts are keys to solving this puzzle. The new insights gained are transformative. Seeing the way life works—the way if FLOWS—changes what it means to be alive. 212 pages. $16.75.

The Spiritual Flow of Life           $16.75


LensesOfPerception218pxLENSES OF PERCEPTION
A Surprising New Look at the Origin of Life, the Laws of Nature, and Our Universe
By Doug Marman

How did the universe come into existence out of nothing? Why is biological life irreducible? Are there deeper principles beneath the laws of nature? Lenses of Perception reads like a detective novel, as it dives into the foundations of physical reality and discovers the surprising role of consciousness. Paperback. 512 pages. $19.90.

Lenses of Perception                 $19.90


The Secret of Inner Peace
By Doug Marman

Journey back 400 years to see how the path of Ek was taught. This new translation and commentary restores the spiritual impact of timeless insights about spiritual peace. Available as a printed paperback book or in three ebook formats. For more info about book formats, click here. 205 pages.

  (eBook)            $6.75

Sukhmani – Paperback                  $14.95
Sukhmani – PDF  (eBook)                $6.75
Sukhmani – EPUB   (eBook)            $6.75
Sukhmani – Kindle  (eBook)            $6.75
Sukhmani – Français PDF  (eBook)         $6.75


it_is_what_it_is_coverIT IS WHAT IT IS
The Personal Discourses of Rumi
By Doug Marman

Sit at the feet of one of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers: Jalal al-Din Rumi. Experience the impact, as he shares his universal and timeless teaching. This new translation, with all new commentary, is designed to be a personal study program with Rumi. 370 pages.

It Is What It Is                          $19.75


silent_questions_cover_storeTHE SILENT QUESTIONS
A Spiritual Odyssey
By Doug Marman

This book is not about answers. It is about the power hidden behind questions that have haunted people since the beginning of time. The Silent Questions begins with a life-altering dream experience, followed by a series of unexplainable events that propel the author, Doug Marman, into a quest for truth. 330 pages.

The Silent Questions             $18.95


whole_truth_coverTHE WHOLE TRUTH
The Spiritual Legacy of Paul Twitchell
By Doug Marman

In an age when the Western world has come to expect disillusionment from every public figure, this book tells a different story. It demonstrates how open and respectful dialogue restores confidence and acts as an antidote to the streams of half truths in public criticism. 521 pages

The Whole Truth                   $19.95