Parapsychology and the Soul: An Interview with Doug Marman by Jeffrey Mishlove

By Doug Marman

This is my fifth interview with Jeffrey Mishlove, for his YouTube channel “Thinking Allowed,” and this is by far the longest, lasting almost an hour and 10 minutes. It covers a lot of interesting topics and was a lot of fun for me. It also took me back to my own childhood to see how close relationship with my older sister left an impression on me that affected my whole life.

The subject of this interview is parapsychology, such as the experience of ESP or telepathy, especially between twins. I also introduce a new way of looking at stories of alien abduction. And we talk about the ways that the inner worlds affect the physical.

Jeffrey has been studying parapsychology for decades. Since Jeffrey interviewed me about my books, in the the last four interviews, I thought it would be nice to bring the discussion to his favorite topic, to see if I could add any interesting thoughts based on my own experiences, and what I’ve learned from my study of “lenses of perception.”

If you find the video interesting, I suggest going to the video YouTube page. If you scroll down to read the list of comments, you will see a comment with 14 or more replies, written by “Lenses of Perception.” That’s me. I wrote this immediately after the interview. I added an interesting story that fits with this topic. It generated some nice comments.

Feel free to post questions or comments below. Thanks for the dialogue.