Lenses of Perception: An Interview with Doug Marman by Jeffrey Mishlove

By Doug Marman

This is my fourth interview with Jeffrey Mishlove, for his YouTube channel “Thinking Allowed.” The interview is about 46 minutes long. Jeffrey interviewed me, this time, about my book, Lenses of Perception: A Surprising New Look at the Origin of Life, The Laws of Nature and Our Universe.

Jeffrey led the discussion so that we touched on the full range of topics in the book, such as psychology, spirituality, biology, quantum physics, and our every day experiences with life. We begin with the profound effect that “lenses of perception” have on our experiences. Lenses are not beliefs. They go much deeper. They are the ways that we see and understand everything, and they emerge unconsciously from our experiences.

Jeffrey says this about the interview on his YouTube page:

Doug Marman shares his insights concerning the role of first person, second person, and third person viewpoints as they pertain to scientific theories, philosophy of mind, personal relationships, and spiritual awareness. He suggests that the most neglected of these is second person, which is most closely related to interconnectedness and quantum entanglement.

Feel free to post questions or comments below. Thanks for the dialogue.